Art Show!

art show

I’ll be showing a new series called ‘Strictly Functional’ at the Bayview Front Room in May. The opening will be May 3rd from 5-7. There will be snacks (that’s the only reason any of us ever leave the house, right?). Come say hi!


The Bayview Front Room is a gallery space on the second floor of the Bayview Cash Store. It’s located at 5603 Bayview Rd, Langley, WA 98260. The show will run from May 3rd – 31st. Open Thurs-Sun from 11-5.

My Blurb:

I’ve always been interested in objects and structures created strictly for function. They rarely get appreciated simply for their beauty. For this show I’ve taken these found or recycled objects and used them to illustrate the difficulty in balancing the digital takeover and the analog world.

Moss + Trash!

In collaboration with the wonderful Rebecca Sheedy @ FloraForm Design

This new series combines my photo transfers of the usual suspects (dumpsters, recycle bins, and trash cans, oh my!), with Rebeccas wonderful moss assemblage. Thanks to the lovely Tony Grosinger for the frames, panels, and patience! Completed work photos by Colin Sulgrove.


New things coming!

After a busy busy summer it’s time to get back to it! After a big room remodel, the art studio is mostly in shambles but I’ve managed to carve out enough room to plunk a panel down and get to work. Here’s to an art filled fall! Note: Old English is for arting, not for drinking. IMG_20170805_215939_410

New Commission Piece

2’x3′ of recycled/reclaimed wire and reflectors – this monster took me a few months, but was definitely one of the most fun pieces I’ve ever made. There’s something very relaxing and meditative about putting on your ear protection and shooting thousands of pin nails into wire and wood! Higher quality pictures coming soon… wireswireswires

Ballard Show!

Sometimes, the signs are just too hard to ignore. While perusing my favorite art supply store – Ballard Reuse – I noticed a flyer at the checkout counter for an art show just for recycled art. Seeing that the show was in April, my heart sunk as I was sure the deadline must have passed. Fortunately, it hadn’t, I still had a few days to get my submission in. For the first time, I actually had work ready for a show BEFORE securing the show. I have been working on these little triangles for months now with no real long term intention (art for arts sake? imagine that). So I picked a few of my favorites and sent them off – and got it!

These three little guys will be on display at Blowing Sands Glass & The Laura Frost Fine Arts Gallery from April 9-May 11 with an Artists Reception on April 9th from 6-9pm. Hope to see you there!



Well, I finally caught up to the rest of civilization. Except… now I’m sure there’s a newer cooler version of this.

Oh well.

There should be a whole herd of marketing people who are just as passionate and desperate and willing-to-do-it-for-free as there are artists with the same feelings. Then we could join forced and art would be displayed/marketed/sold much more efficiently.

Until then…

I’m on Etsy! Come take a peek and buy it all!

Recycled Trash Panels!

I’ve been working on these for a few months now, and I think it’s time to stop adding and removing things and call them done! These are one one of the most enjoyable things to create thus far, and they give me a reason to pick up random pieces of metal on the side of the street! I decided to make the backs interesting too, mostly because I needed a way to cover all the nails poking out the back…

Whidbey Life Magazine!

Hello Again! It’s been a while, but all is not for naught…or…something like that. I have been working! And the fruits of my labor are up for you (and hopefully lots of others) to see!

here’s a sample!

And you can see 19 more Instant Film Transfers, as well as some awesome work by Joe Menth at Whidbey Life Magazine’s fantastic online gallery until the end of January! HOORAY!!

here’s the link!